Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a church, really?




CHICAGO (CBS) – A sign posted outside a south suburban church is generating a powerful debate over race in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict.

The marquee outside the First Baptist Church of University Park earlier this week read: “It Is Safe To Kill Black People In Amerikkka.”

On Saturday, a jury of six women in Florida acquitted Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Several comments on the church’s Facebook page took issue with the reference to the Ku Klux Klan in the word Amerikkka, with many saying the church’s sign is hateful and divisive and implies that all white Americans are racist.

The church responded by saying: “The message on the sign is not a message of hate. It is a message of awakening and call to action. It is a message not intended to divide, but to cause honest reflection in order to make this country a better place for ALL.”

The wording has historical precedence, according to the church’s Facebook page.

After the shooting of a black man by a white man in Montgomery, Ala., in 1949, Rev. Vernon Johns posted a sign outside the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church that read: “It Is Safe To Kill Negroes In Montgomery.”

The church has since changed the wording into a question: “Is It Safe To Kill Black People In America?”

“The initial sign, which has caused such a furor, stated, “It is safe to kill Black People in the United States of Amerikkka.” Much focus was placed on the intentional misspelling of America,” the church responded on its Facebook page.

“The use of “kkk”, was done to call attention to the fact that, just as in the ‘glory days of the KKK, it appears far too often that the murder of African Americans is permitted, and the mistreatment of African Americans historically and currently is far too cavalierly considered.”

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

wowOwow! where has the time gone?

i have not been 'round these parts' in ages. it seems the time 'tween visits is getting wider and wider. *sigh*

manOman! we used to have so friggin much fun with this bloggin' stuff when Spaces first started. i remember lurking for a quite a spell, cuz i had no idea what would happen if i actually posted a comment to one of these cyberstranger's blogs. then dear jockfullofnuts posted a blog about all his great *buys* he got at the dollar tree??? i laughed so hard while reading it that i could not help myself and i just HAD to comment. that post made me feel so happy inside and it made him real ... not just words on a screen. the blogs almost became my entire social life. i could not wait to get to the puter in the mornings just to see what i had missed the night before. good times indeed.

now, i mostly hang out on ecig/vaping forums. i'm over 2 years smoke-free and have almost replaced my "junque" addiction with a vape gear addiction, although i have slowed down on the vape gear purchasing considerably.

i still hit the thrift stores occasionally, but now i am generally focused on buying silk clothing to cut up for shirret rugs. the silk rugs take a helluva lot longer to make than the wool, but hey! it's good idiot work and they are pr'E trash art when finished. i s'pose i should call them 'repurposed art' - y'know to attempt to fit in with that *green* crowed.  haHaHA!   this, from a person that does not even recycle.

i'm actually working on a silk shirret jacket at the moment. it's taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r., but it was 97 degrees here yesterday, so it's not like i need to be in any hurry to finish it. :-/

that's all for now. i just wanted to give the government some of my useless text to take up space on their servers in their not-so-super-secret-anymore data vault.  ;-D 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

the 20th anniversary

today is the malemate's and my 20th wedding anniversary. YAY for us. it's been an interesting journey; often times quite entertaining. this year he went all out to find a card that expresses himself:

i peed a li'l from laughing so hard. what a guy.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

where's this going?

i've been kinda naughty lately. i have a secret, but, it's starting to feel like a volcano that wants to spew its molten ash over my brain.

fuck! if i could just think straight, i could put it out here and maybe it would dissipate. but, the thoughts are like a word jumble puzzle.

i'll have to come back to this. i just can't do it right now. i will say that i have been emailing with someone for three months. 

i think i may be heading down a path where i should not be ...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

grammy gaga

manOman loooooooooooong time no see, eh?
i think many of the old gang has lost interest in this blogging thing - or maybe it is just me. i really have nothing much to put out there other than it seems most of my spare time is spent on ecig (vaping) forums these days.
yep, still vaping since february 5, 2011, with a slip of two cigs in august. yeh, the first cigarette tasted so shitty that night, whilst scotch-sated, that i had another.

on another note, the malemate and i were invited to a couple halloween parties this year. good times at both. unfortunately, very few of my pics turned out, so i was dependent on others, in hopes they would post some to facebook ... which sucks.

the 'geriatrics halloween party' was a private party and entailed doing projects that we can expect to do when we go to 'the home'. it was funny and very entertaining - although my costume was rather dull. the malemate, however, was the bearded lady godiva.

the other one we were invited to was at the local bowling alley (of course). i went as grammy gaga and the malemate went as great grammy gaga.

there was a guy dressed as a dick. he made for a great photo op prop :-)

and that is about all i have for now.
btw, the joplin tornado was 20 miles from us and we had no damage. as sad as it is, it is the price one may have to pay for being in tornado alley.

i hope y'all are well! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

huff and puff and blow your house down

first off ...
what the hell is blogspot doing by asking me to add my phone number to my account right after i log in?
is this so they can pass it on to the president for his "alert" texts? 

yeh, we all know they will get it sooner or later.
i was hoping it would be after i was on 'the other side.'
sometimes technology moves too friggin fast.

moving on ...

i live in/near the line often referred to as tornado alley.
some days i wonder what it would be like to have all this blown to bits by some massive tornado. 
because then i would be forced to find a new place to live.

however, today is not one of those days.

Monday, May 9, 2011

pv mod humor

in the vaping world, ecigs are called pv's - personal vaporizers

most of the people that have a pv will modify it in some way to   accommodate/personalize it to their preference.
personal vaporizer modified

so the ecig then becomes the pv mod - but more often, it is just referred to as a mod.

this particular reviewer is quite well known in the pv world - but this 'review' is his extreme. funny stuff.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

and so it goes ...

the relationship with the malemate is tepid at best. on the way home from OK this past weekend, he said, "maybe we should think about getting a divorce. we'll put the house on the market and split everything up."
believe it or not, i stayed silent.
so, on tuesday, as i was scouring the net to try to find some work, i kept one ear to the other room, listening for him to call a real estate agent. it didn't happen.
wednesday, it didn't happen.
today, it didn't happen.
maybe he changed his mind ... this time.
it concerns me.
what will be, will be... no doubt.

i do think about "the guy" every day.
stop it!
butButBUT i just received the latest brochure for overnights at the casino for the month of may.
stop it!
i wonder if i should book a room and text him.
stop it!

i think i need a timeout.
can i get that timeout with a scotch and a gorilla juice vape?
oh and a mind-thump chaser please.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

high gas price due to a gassy mouthed muslim

i hope no one is wondering why the price of gas is so high.

this lying progressive man-child we have in the white house put a moratorium on drilling in the gulf a few months back. surely people don't have such selective memories to have forgotten that.

how that half-white fool can say he is for the 'little guy' and actually have people believe it is beyond me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i need some mental magic

i went mushroom hunting/picking yesterday. i didn't get picked up until 4:30pm. to say i was about bouncing off the walls from anxiety most of the day would not be far from the truth. 

however, today is a completely different story. i woke about 1:30am, got up, and got on the net, and have pretty much been there ever since. it is now 2:00pm. i have not even dressed and have no plan to do so at this point. why bother? 

i think i may have lost my friends shar and the cap'n. she and i had a chat the other day regarding an absolute insane decision they are making. i told her that the 'bubbas' that they have hired, are basically gypsy's and sooner or later they will take over their lives. and will use that new 'grandbaby wanna-be' as their 'in'. it was probably uncalled for, but if you knew the entire ordeal/situation, and the fact that i am pretty acute when it comes to reading people, it would all make sense. 

the malemate and i will be going to the OK! cousins for the weekend. i generally look forward to that - but not so much this time.  i keep wondering if i should  tell him about the 'stranger' if that would  move me past all of this shit that i continue to bury myself in.

i bet that when i snap my fingers, i will magically come out of this funk.

okay, i have got to get serious about finding some work. this is ridiculous.

Friday, April 15, 2011

any excuse works, right?

i had a dream last night that included both my mom and dad. it was an extremely short dream.
mom looked absolutely radiant!
dad looked sad.
mom was walking with another man, someone i didn't know. she did not introduce me.
dad didn't stay around long. he walked away when mom came up to me.
i always wonder what prompts dreams - as i seldom remember dreams as sleep really is not my friend without some sort of medication.
i have disappointed myself. perhaps that is why they came to me. i have been giving myself a mental beating since 04/06/2011.

i met shar and the cap'n at the casino for an overnight. shar, another friend, and i were at the bar, drinking double scotchies. which in itself is odd, as i seldom drink when i go the casinos. i guess i just wanted to fade my brain for a bit ... to stop the thoughts for a few hours.

shar and i proceeded to do our 'catching up' chit chat, gamble a bit, and and drink. we ordered another and a guy at the end of the bar said something about the scotch. we were surprised, as we seldom run into others that indulge in scotch.
conversation ensued. the guy came over and sat by me and the chat turned subtly flirty.

ever since i have been married to the malemate (going on 19 years total), and in real life, i have always physically removed myself when conversation turns this direction, not wanting to encourage anything.
i was very much attracted to the guy, not sexually so much, but to the personality/aura, and for some reason, i couldn't walk away like i have always done. what was it about him?
he and i left the bar and headed upstairs.
i don't even know what to type about what did or did not happen from that point, but it was interesting/curious.
i left his room.
he had given me his card. daring doncha think since he too is married? ... for what? 27? years. he lives 1.5 hours from me.
damn him for slipping into my already fucked-down life.

can i use the events of the past few weeks as an excuse for my behavior?
i think i am adult enough to answer that with an absolute no.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

loveyoubunches byebye

no question - it has been a helluva week this past week.

i got a call on 3/23/2011 - my dad was going to be taken to the hospital. the antibiotics were not working and it was time for intravenous antibiotics.

on 3/24/2011 my brother calls and said they tell him he has a heart valve problem and should a pacemaker be placed? dad never lived on his own again after the last surgery due to problems with the anesthesia - this information i relayed on to terry - terry relayed it on to the surgeon. the surgeon then suggests hospice. terry tells dad the grim situation. dad asks, "do i have today?" terry says, "yes, you have today." dad asks, "do i have tomorrow?" terry says, "you might have tomorrow." silence. they move him back to the nursing home.

on 3/25/2011 we get on the road at 4:30am - an 8 hour drive. around 9am i get a call from the nursing home stating that dad is non-responsive and his heart rate is between 40-50 bpm. i ask her, "we are about 1/2 way there, will he wait for me?"
she says he will wait. i text my nieces with the update. 5 minutes later my one niece texts back that she is there with dad. at this point it is just selfish to expect him to wait another 3-4 hours for me to get there and i know he does not want me to see him at his weakest physical point.

i call my niece and tell her to put the phone to dad's ear. i tell him some personal things, and then ask him not to wait for me. if he is ready to be with god and mom, then please let go.
then "loveyoubunches byebye" which is my closing phrase for dad, and then i hang up.

2 minutes later my niece calls back - "he heard you! he is gone."

r.i.p. dad - you are the only man that has ever loved me my entire life.

funeral arrangements are made - all 3 of us kids are there. my brothers treat me like a fucking dog during the whole time there. i make a memorial dvd. it turns out wonderful - and it was finished in time for the viewing on 3/28/2011. funeral is on 3/29/2011 - the malamate and i leave before the luncheon is even over with - i am tired of being treated like a second rate citizen by my brothers. i am out of there. back on the road.

we are halfway home and my gut hurts so bad that we have to stop so i can get some antacid. back on the road. an hour later i am throwing up everything. the pain continues. the entire trip home. we arrive home about 9:30. i try tums and lie down. no comfort. i get up and continue to throw up. i tell the malemate he needs to take me to the hospital. i get admitted about 3:30 3/30/2011. the pain is excruciating and i am given dilaudid via iv with a protonix chaser. again i throw up. the dilaudid finally relieves much of the pain.

testing starts the next day; blood tests; ultrasound; 3/30/2011 the hepatobilliary function test. 3/31/2011 doc reports all testing is normal. one more test, the egd.
4/1/2011 i am still in the hospital and feeling great - no pain, no pain meds for over 24 hours. the egd is performed around 6:30 - results come back normal. i ask the doc if all of this could be stress related? he responds with, "a good possibility." they release me.

i get home and start catching up on email just to read that my typing account has been taken over by the fucking electronic medical record - yeh, fuck you obama!

so, to summarize, my dad is gone, i have now spent overnite time in a hospital (first time in my life) with inconclusive results, and i no longer have any work.

there must be a message in there somewhere.

Monday, March 14, 2011

not so hot springs

tomorrow the malemate and i are taking a li'l trip to hot springs, arkansas. his 2 younger brothers are twins and they are going to be meeting up there and asked if we would come also.

i've been to hot springs one other time. we were there with the ok! cousins and had a really good time. we did the tourist stuff and as always, just enjoyed being with them.

this should be interesting this time (and i can only hope it will be FUN), as his one brother AND his wife are both ministers and the other one and his wife are both very much into their organized religion.

well, i'm just not sure what the entertainment is going to be - as we all know, i drink, gamble, and now vape (as opposed to smoke).
i'm guessing a sports bar for happy hour is out of the question.
the horse track (if they are running) is probably off limits.
doing the bath houses where, yes, you have to get naked to enjoy the natural hot springs, is probably on the no-no list.

i'm bringing a deck of cards along and maybe we can play some "oh hell" which we always play for a $1.00 a game.

i wonder if they would consider $1.00 for 17 hands as gambling?
obviously, we only play for fun, but it does cost a dollar per game -- not per hand.

oh, for crissakes, even jesus took a gamble on me ... oh and btw, god, thank you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

one addiction for another

it's been almost a month since i started the e-cig. during that time i have smoked maybe 4 analogs and am REALLY loving vaping.

i'm kinda torn on this though, because i am a die-hard gadget person, and vaping with all its paraphernalia is a gadget persons dream.

because of this, in less than a month, i have spent close to $500 on the e-cigs, juices, batteries, chargers, drip tips, atomizers, etc.

of course i can justify this!

when one starts smoking, one tries different brands, lengths, lighters, etc. to try to find the one that is just right.

well, that's what i am doing. i'm trying to find the model and flavor that is just right for me.
just today, i ordered one of these:

a phidias pv -- pv acronym for personal vaporizer - made by a craftsman right here in the USA.

it is going to be made of california pepper? wood and i cannot wait to get it.
of course it does not come with the special batteries, or the charger for those batteries, so i had to order them too. and of course it is going to take more e-juice, so that will be on my order for tomorrow.

at first i was feeling kinda guilty - but when the malemate came home last night after bowling and told me how much he spends EACH week on bowling, well, lets just say i could not WAIT til morning to get on this puter to get my orders placed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

let's give this a try

i have been tobacco free since 02/05/11. this is certainly not the first time i have stopped.
it seems i find a way a to use an event/disappointment/riding in the car with the malemate as an excuse to start up again.

however, i think i found something that just may work for me. i discovered the e-cigs. i had heard about them, but never knew anyone in r/l that used them.

i bought a disposable one in the local smoke shop and right away, it felt that i could use this as replacement. they had 3 different kits in the smoke shop, but for some reason, i just did not have a good feeling about them. so i started researching them.

this opened up an entire world that i knew nothing about. i was pleasantly surprised. at all the people that are using these and all the options.

for days, i read many forums, reviews, and watched oodles of opinions/reviews on youtube. the more i researched, the more overwhelmed and undecided i became.

the terminology itself was throwing me off - but i kept at it. it came to the point that i had 10-12 tabs open in firefox, each with a different vendor/product. finally i just pulled the trigger on one - the vapor4life starter kit. the next morning i got up and looked at it again, and researched some more, and realized that i am not going to be happy with that one. but it was too late. oh well, not the first time i have thrown away money -- and i am happy with my selections on the battery and l.e.d. - copper with a purple l.e.d. on the end - so who knows, maybe it will be okay.

so today i am impatiently waiting for it to arrive - and still continuing to read up on these things and watch even more reviews, and looking at other brands when i realize, i really don't want my new e-cig to be the shape of a cigarette - i really like the looks of the larger size ones and i really like the look of the mako midi but after further reading, it looked like it was a bit of a pain in the ass. so, i decided to click off it.

i ended up ordering the joye ego - in white ... naturally.
however, i did order some 'extras' to 'junque-i-fy' it to my taste, and i ordered a bunch of flavors and strengths. it will be interesting if i can actually kick the tobacco habit (or as the vapers call it - the analog habit) once and for all.

probably about the time i get really attached to these, the fucking government will ban them entirely -- and yet they refuse to ban cigarettes ???
i guess they haven't figured out a way to get all that tax money from the e-cigs like they get from the analogs.

by the next time i post, i will have received at least one of the kits and will be vaping away.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

well hello 56

yesterday i turned 56. i was pissed on tuesday nite before going to bed - i hated it that it was the last day that i would be 55. i rather liked that double nickel age. but 56? well, it even sounds boring.

on my last night of being 55, we were slammed with 20" of snow, so when i arose on the first day of my 56th year, the world was covered in white. first off, i was bit torn with this, cuz i do hate the snow, but on the other hand, any shade of white is my favorite color - but definitely HATE the snow.

i downed a couple cups of very strong coffee, donned my jeans, sweater, down vest, coat, ear covers, gloves, and uggs and off to start the digging out in 1-degree temps. not long after, the malemate joined me and we managed to get it half done. we went in, thawed out for a couple hours, and then went back out and finished the drive.
it was tiring. cold. and i was in a pouty pissed off mood.

i came into the puter room to check on work only to find that i was having network problems. i isolated it to the router. i got on the phone with linksys. the foreigner is doing her 20 questions that have nothing to do with the hardware. finally she comes back and says i see that your 90-day free phone support has expired - and before she had a chance - i just said, "i guess we are done talking then." click.

pay for support or go buy another router? well, buying another router is by far the cheaper option plus i would get the free phone support for another 90 days.

by this time, i am really getting pissed off about what a crappyCrappyCRAPPY birthday this is.

i tell the malemate that i am going to walk to walmart to get a new router. he said he would go with, but that we should be okay taking the suv. so, for the third time, we bundled up in the layers of clothing, opened the garage door, got in the suv, started up, backed down the now cleaned off driveway, straight into the 20" deep snow of the street and, OF COURSE, we got stuck.

again, we grab the shovels and proceed to dig the suv out. got it dug out and pulled it right back in the garage.
clearly, i am not going anywhere on my day.
i stomped back in the house.

i went back to the office and started messing with the router settings once again.
finally, i just did a reboot on it - and miraculously, everything came back up - EVERYTHING - even my blackberry - which had NEVER connected to the router!

okay, so now i'm in a little better spirits.

then the malemate calls out that lunch is ready. he had made us his GREAT bacon burgers.

by now i'm starting to actually feel happy.

later, after i had showered and was winding down and had settled on the couch with a scotchie in hand, the malemate sits down on the other end - he grabs the lotion and tells me to give him my feet - he said, "afterall, it is your birthday and you should have a foot massage."
why yes indeed!

okay, at the end of that, i was feeling loved AND happy.
it ended up being a very good start to the 56th year.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

thanks hank

i have not played golf since 1998? 1999? i sucked at the game, but i lovedLovedLOVED to hate it.

the reason i had to quit? because i developed an allergy to something on the fairway that broke the blood vessels in my lower legs. unfortunately, it ended up completely staining my lower limbs and what once were nice looking legs and ankles, now look like a botched tatoo job.

however, i do listen to rush limbaugh on the weekdays and he announced that he was going to be hank haney's next project.

i had to dvr this. why? because i wanted to see rush's before and after swing.

i have to say, my swing looked alot better than rush's did on the first episode. but, it was clear that by the second episode, he had learned much, even though it did not come across that he felt he had.

anyway, when i played, i would use the putter when i was on the outside of the green. the malemate and others i played with used to tell me to chip it in. but, the putter was my club of choice. i think i embarrassed the malemate by doing this.

as i watched the second episode of the haney project, hank told rush to use the putter to bring it onto the green.

i about jumped out of the chair whooping and yelling yesYesYES!

thanks hank! that felt soSoSO good!
i feel vindicated.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

saying goodbye to once were perfectly good knees

i'm a bit of a walker. i take great pleasure in it. however, i am a fair-weather walker so when the temps start dropping i drag the treadmill out of hibernation and use that.

the other day after finishing on the treadmill, i had pain in one of my knees.
this is not good.
after about 5 hours the pain was all gone.
the next morning i rolled out the treadmill and did the chore - while watching dvr'd tv show
... wait for it ...

the millionaire matchmaker

yeh, not sure how i got started on that one. i think it was because i was trying really hard to avoid watching 'hoarders', which i secretly wanted to watch, and which i am now dvr-ing also.

okay, enough of a few of my treading/tv viewing choices.

anyway, the knee thing is a problem so i have to decide what to do about it.

i'm thinking an elliptical - but space is a huge issue - and from what i have read, the fold up ones give up quality to save on footprint.

so, i thought maybe a recumbent bike or maybe an upright/air bike.

what to do, what to do.

i just don't think i have it in me to 'stick' with any of the above choices like i have the treadmill.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and yet another phone

i've had the iphone for a few months now and i'm not as fond of it as i thought i would be. sooooo, the search is still on for the perfect cell phone.

i bought a blackberry off craigslist the other day. right off the bat, i was pleased with the size and weight of it compared to the iphone. it just seems to feel better in my hand. i also kinda like the idea of buttons as opposed complete touchscreen.

however, i must make a mental note to myself to always clear history before selling a phone.

apparently the gal i bought it from is not very techno-savvy as she and someone had real good time with the texting function.
this phone had so much sexting on it, i thought i was going to have dig out bob!

sure glad i did the alcohol rubdown before getting into the nitty-gritty of it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 resolutions a girl can live with

the ok! cousins came to town for the new year celebration.

on january 1, 2011, j and i were lounging in jammies all day as the guys had a pool tournament to attend to.

around 5 in the afternoon, she proudly announced her new years resolutions:

1. drink more alcohol
2. gain more weight
3. exercise less
4. smoke more

after this she noted: "i NEVER keep my new year's resolutions."

i like the way she thinks.

me and j of the ok! cousins on nye 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

as the year comes to an end ...

i was working away on wednesday night and the phone rings showing the caller id to be a mutual acquaintance of the cap'n and shar. i knew before answering that it was not going to be good - as the main reason we exchanged phone numbers was 'in case of emergency.'

he asks if i have heard from shar - i told him i left a voicemail tuesday, but had not heard back. i asked if the cap'n may have had appointments or maybe they were gambling. he drops the bomb that no, none of that because he just left there around 2:10 in the afternoon and then around 4:30 he got a call from the cleaning lady something about the cap'n and shar's house burned down!

robert also wants to confirm shar's cell phone number - which he had correct. he then says he is unable to get an answer on it.

the cold chill and internal shaking begins.

i told him i have a couple other numbers of friends over there that may have some info and as soon as i know anything, i'd call him back.

my first call to a friend went to voicemail. the second call i got an answer and received the news that yes indeed, their house did burn, but ...

the cap'n, shar, and the two dogs are safe.

let the rebuilding begin.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

syn "incense"

the malemate and i did a li'l shopping yesterday. i needed some screens and wanted a water pipe. we went to our local vendor and while inquiring about the pipes, another couple was discussing 'blends' at the other counter. i asked the clerk what they were talking about. she said it was the synthetic pot products - sold as incense.

needless to say, the malemate and i were very curious about this, as i had heard about it for the first time a bout a year ago, right before one type was banned (k12 ???) here in misery.and several other states. apparently, the manufacturers of this stuff have discovered that even without the 'banned' chemicals, the incense still gets ya high when ya smoke it.

this k2?? stuff is sold as an incense and specifically states that it is not for human consumption or smoking - but somewhere along the line, someone did smoke it and found that it can give a cannibis-like high.

we did the syn incense called "ripped" - and i can safely say that 3-4 tokes is waaaaaaay too much. we were laughing so hard that our innards hurt for quite awhile - which is always a good thing. but then, when we got quiet, the malemate thought he was dying - so that was not such a good thing. i'm thinking the malemate may not try it again.

i wondered where they found the test market for this discovery. then, after the malemate and i toked, it dawned on us ... OH SHIT! MAYBE WE ARE THE TEST BED!

unlike el natur'al pot, i have a slight sense of hangover with it. strange stuff, indeed.

this weekend we go to the OK! cuzins - i'm debating whether to take it along. the one cuzin is 73. hmmmmm, i think we will not open that door as he is a bit of a hypochondriac to start with. i can't imagine what a long, drawn-out, wah-wah weekend it may turn out to be if he gets a panic high.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

here i come spoof!

i finally got the phone jailbroken.

the first thing i did was head to cydia and search the 'spoof' app.

if it works correctly, i should be able to put any phone number as my caller i.d. to 'spoof' the recipient of my call into thinking it is someone else calling.

have i mentioned how much i despise women who play their kids against the other parent, and/or grandparents. well, the deceased son managed to impregnate just that type of insecure, manipulative, control-freak wench.

ever since the malemate got back from california in june, this wench has managed to only let him to talk to his grandson twice. we only have a cell number for her and she screens all messages, texts, and calls and so the malemate seldom gets to talk to his grandson.

i'm thinking the malemate may need to use the spoof app when he gets tired of her wrangling stunts.

last i knew, the wench had a pretty good relationship with the other grannie. i think i'll put the other grannie's phone number in when the time comes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

body language

okay, i may be way off base on this one, but i watched that tiffany hartley on fox news the other day and i gotta say, i'm not getting the feeling that mexicans shot and killed her husband, david hartley.

her body language and her delivery tells me that she knows alot more about her husband's disappearance than she is telling.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the thrill is gone

i was so excited about getting an iphone. i had already told myself i was going to jailbreak it, cuz i wanted access to non-itunes apps.

sooooo, just be on the safe side, i decided to back everything up (using itunes) just in case i did something wrong and lost all my contacts on the phone after the jailbreak.

i opened itunes, plugged in the phone and a message pops up that i should update my iphone to 4.1. well, i'm new to the iphone stuff and thought, 'oh yes, i most certainly should' and clicked the button. the update occurred.

so, here i am with a 3g 4.1 firmware iphone only to find out that there is no windows jailbreak software for that version of firmware - and that i never should have updated - and there is not a way to 'downgrade' the firmware.

so, i wait and wait for the iphonedev-team to develop the windows version of the jailbreak software.

damn, i wish i would've just stayed with the backflip with android software.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

where is the mute button?

i really do enjoy doing transcription - however, i think the docs and pa's get a bit bored with the dictation from time to time.

the office i was typing for today has all male surgeons and physician assistants in it. the newest pa is dictating away and stumbles on the diagnosis of 'degenerative disk disease" and one of the bored? surgeons is listening in. this is how it went:

pa: d-d-disk ... uh degenerative disk disease

surgeon: degenerative dick disease

pa: ahhhh you fucker [laughter] you bastard [laughter] you bastard [laughter] fucker

/methinks somebody needs to show the new guy where the mute button is on his dictation machine.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

usps consumer affairs

well yay for the usps consumer affairs! i had filed a complaint back in june regarding a package that i shipped to my dad. i had not heard anything back and assumed the complaint went into the trash.

this morning i get a call from a charles - usps consumer affairs - one level below the usps investigator. charles asked me about my complaint and i told him the details of it - how i had paid priority and tracking to ensure that the package would be delivered to my dad in the care center in a timely manner. the tracking showed it had been delivered, but every time i asked dad if he got it, for about it for 2-3 weeks, he said he never got it. keeping in mind that i had addressed it with the care center address and not dad's pobox.

finally, i called my brother - and sure enough, the post office took it upon themselves and delivered it to dad's pobox - even though that address was not even on the package. i was livid - to say the least. off to the computer i went to file a complaint.

charles of consumer affairs could not have been nicer, or more polite, or more humane. he listened to my vent and agreed that the post office was wrong. he assured me he would be calling the post master back and 'plant a bug' in his ear regarding his job when it comes to mail delivery.

about an hour later, i got another call back from charles. he stated that he had talked to the postmaster and that he is confident that it will not happen again. i told him that i may send a 'test' package - charles encouraged it and then gave me his personal number should i have any other problems.

we then went on to talk about books of all things! charles likes murder mysteries too and he lives in kansas city, and he served in the army in hawaii. oh yes, we had a very informative chat.

i think charles likes me :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

they really break?

i was having internet problems the other day - and of course it is never anything on my end. so, i call the provider and bitch&moan. the gal (who sounded USA born & raised btw - {{{shock}}} walked me through a few steps and it was clear she had about as much patience for me as i had for her. in the end, she called it - it was the router.

i didn't think many of these electronic things ever actually broke - one gets bored with them or they lose their purpose as new technology replaces older ones - but to actually break? well, unless it is a cell phone that gets dropped in the toilet or is taken for a dip in the river, or some other irresponsible act - but to break when it seldom ever gets touched? how does that happen?

i'm now on a linksys e3000. the hardest part of setting it up was plugging the power cord in - which is a behind the desk, pinned between the wall and desk, and on the floor - well, that and sitting and waiting for the software to install.

as you can see though, i am back in business! yay me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

why are they not being arrested?

and this is why john mccain is a friggin piece of shit rino -

just how many sides of his mouth can he speak from?
and didn't he take an oath to uphold the constitution? and the laws of the land?
what an A_S_S_H_O_L_E

why don't they go back to their own fucking country instead of continuously trying to pull ours down to that level? if our country is pulled down to that level, there is no other country in the world to go to.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

when i go to vegas next time ...

... i'm going to make a side trip to see the gold and silver shop and maybe i'll even get to meet the "pawn stars."

i don't know why, but i do enjoy watching that show.

Monday, September 13, 2010

manOman wish i was better at gambling

the cap'n and shar were at one of the local casinos this past weekend and since i had a free room, i went and spent the nite. it was great seeing the two of them again, as it always is. but that shar is a MUCH better gambler than me. she is able to stay with the poker machines until they start 'putting out.' (between you and me, i think she does something to them to scare the shit outta them.)

anyway, i get bored with the same thing after awhile, so i tend to mosey to the slots. this is clearly a danger zone for me i have found out.

when i was at that casino the last time, punching the buttons for 'mr. moneybags' a guy sat beside me and gave me a bit of an education on that type of machine. i tried to recall what he had told me about them during this trip. it actually worked for quite some time, and i had played it to the point where i recouped over 2/3 of what i had lost initially.

but then ...

i didn't cash out and walk away and everything i 'thought' i learned went out the window and everything i had recouped went right back into that machine ... ummm PLUS another $100.

it really pisses me off to like something that much and really SUCK at it.

needless to say, my reservation for next weekend is canceled.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

hair versus whiskers

I sure wish the hair on my head grew as fast as the whiskers on my chin.

i'm thinking about a career change -

bearded lady

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

joking or zinger?

i'm typing away to one of the ortho surgeons and it is going along - blah blah blah - then the last paragraph the dictator says:

"Thank you again Richard, for allowing me to care for your patient. And, by the way, it is time for you to come back here and teach our residents here. We enjoyed teaching you during your training so well that we would love it if you would teach our brand new orthopedic residents how to be more of a physician and not just a carpenter, like the rest of us orthopods."

sooooooo, is this a valid request to join or a flat-out zinger ??? perhaps it is in response to something the dictator heard. wish i knew for sure - but the dictator did not chuckle when he finished.

at least he used the word carpenter rather than butcher, eh?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

jd hayworth

go jd hayworth - take down that chameleon named mccain - who is no conservative. i feel sorry for arizona if they get 6 more years of that mickeymouse mccain. the illegal alien issue will only get worse if they send mccain back to congress.

bling-bling happy!

i am so excited i am about to burst

amongst other things, i am a gadget junkie. i saw an ad on craigslist for an iphone 3g 8gb with 8, yes EIGHT bling cases! i've seen iphones on craigslist before, but they were never being sold in my town nor did they include any cases. it was always just too much of an inconvenience to check them out.

i've talked to the seller and am waiting to hear back from her as to when and where we can meet.

oh happy is me! wish me luck on educating myself on how to use it - hopefully it's as easy as the motorola backflip was -- well, that is AFTER i learned the difference between using wifi and the at&t edge/3g data network. that is one lesson i will only have to learn once ... i hope.

Monday, August 23, 2010

hybrid cocks...comb

i've mentioned my cockscombs a few times on facebook - only because i think the blooms are so odd looking.

this is my second year that i have had them and i have two different kinds. one that i call a 'brainy' looking one and the other i refer to as 'frilly.' the frilly ones aren't that unique/strange looking, but they are colorful. the horticulture names are unimportant to me - and i probably could not pronounce them ... nor spell them - so i'm staying with brainy and frilly. i planted both kinds in a small space this spring.

as they started sprouting up, i noticed one had green leaves, but it had red veins running through the leaves - which is strange, as the brainy ones have green leaves and the frilly ones have burgundy red leaves.

i let it continue on with it's life, curious as to what would come of it. finally it started blooming. manOman was i surprised to see that it was producing both types of blossoms in one plant. a natural hybrid indeed.




Saturday, August 21, 2010

nothing funny here

if this does not scare you into understanding what "they" are - then i'm sorry for you. but then, i'm female and i understand how sharia law applies to females. i don't think i'd fit in under that very well ... would you?

this is the shit we are up against now that a fuckin muslim has been elected to president in what was once, the most powerful nation in the world.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fact or fiction

very interesting and damn scary. it simply must bu true cuz it's on the internet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

ain't that the truth

i got this in a forwarded email. just in case your email box has not been overflowing with the same forward, i thought i'd put it out here:

I recently applied for a building permit for a new house. It was going to be 100 ft tall and 400 ft wide with 9 turrets at various heights and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system. It would have parking for 200 cars and I was going to paint it snot green with titty pink trim.

The City Council told me to go to hell.

So I sent in the application again, but this time I called it a Mosque.

.........Work starts on Monday...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

is this what it will be like?

this morning i get out of bed and start the morning routine.

as i pass through the living room, i hunt for the remote and turn on the tv - switch it to channel 205 - fox news. without paying much attention to what is actually on the tv, i go into the kitchen to start the coffee.

i pass back through the living room, still not paying much attention to the tv, as i generally let it run for an hour or so and then i will go back and do a rewind so i can spin through the commercials.

i go into the office and crank up the computers and check that the podcasts downloaded and/or start the podcasts for download and/or copy the podcasts to the mp3 players for the malemate and myself. i also do a check on a few newsy websites to see what happened to the world overnight.

then i go back to the living room to rewind fox news and catch up with that. however, i get into the living room and there is some couple sitting at a table on the screen - not the fox & friends - and they are blabbing in some foreign language - even the ticker at the bottom of the screen is in some foreign language. i change a channel up and down and realize that it is only fox news that has been affected by the "hack."

i called 'the dish' and waited, and waited, and waited on hold. finally a foreign accent gal comes on the line to tell me that they have had several calls regarding this and not to worry.

i said: "not worry? it appears you have been hacked by some middle eastern and you say not worry?"

she says: "oh this is not any form of terrorist act."

me: "uh? and how can you be so certain of that?"

i hung up and did a little search on the net - and apparently this is not the first time that this has happened to the dish broadcast of fox network.

screw spanish - seems i need to learn farsi just to live in this country.

now the enemy has the power to take over the satellite broadcasts? scary shit indeed.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

in a blink the week was gone

we had the granddaughter (tt) here last week. what a pleasure it was having her around. i hope she enjoyed herself and will come back again. she had not been back here in 6 years.

she is my step-granddaughter as i never had kids.

we took her to the airport on monday. i had leaky eyes half the trip back home from tulsa.

funny text exchange with her mom (whom i do love and appreciate for a job well done on raising tt)

when tt left california i had texted her mom to see if tt's flight departed on time. she came back with:

"yep. she's on the plane. no problem. cc (the blood grandma) called and asked her if she wanted to come out there and visit the last part of her summer. tt said i'm already going to see my grammy and grandpa hahaha!"

i replied: "omg! that is so funny! well catty funny. what did cc say when she said that? that girl sure knows how to make our day! luv it!"

the mom replied: "she (cc) said well you know we miss you out here and tt said ya well, maybe next year. hahaha!"

clearly, i'm the grammy of heart ;-)

tt & me at the silver dollar city in missouri:

tt & me atving in oklahoma:

Monday, July 26, 2010

best event of the summer!

today my 16-year-old granddaughter flies in to tulsa to spend a week with us old folks. to say i'm outta my mind excited would be an understatement. this is the first year since 2004 that she has been out this way. i asked her the previous years, but i could tell her heart was not in it, but this year when i asked, she said, "i really would like to come out." i was elated.

flights were researched. she had flown before, but she had never done a plane change by herself. well of course there are no straight through flights to bumfuque, (xoxo jock) missouri or oklahoma from sacramento - so a plane change would have to happen if she was to come here. she was up to the experience. yaaaaay!

i text'd her mom this morning about the time her flight was to leave - and she text'd back and said she is all boarded and in the air. yaaaaay!

then her mom sends another text and says that the other gramma had called and asked the gdaughter if she would come down to texas. gdaughter says "i'm going to my grammy and grandad's." big YAAAAAAY for us! and a big ZING to the blood gramma.

the other granmma has never had much to do with the gdaughter - and clearly the gdaughter remembers and, apparently does hold a bit of grudge. hmmm, you'd think she really was of my blood wouldn't ya? works for me!

Friday, July 23, 2010

quite the dilemma ...

this was a portion of a report i typed today:

She says she has difficulty driving, because she will get lost. Her husband helps her with the driving, but he cannot see.

soooooooo, beware of the gal with convulsions driving with the blind man in the passenger seat ...

the truth of the regime

and this is what so many misguided people voted for - keep in mind, that this record of unemployment is just since the democrats took over both houses of congress in 2006.

not the decline of america, but total destruction

thank a democrat.

Friday, July 16, 2010

the best hometowner photo

it's been kinda crazy fun around here this summer - which is wonderful, compared to what we went through last spring and summer.

in late june i went back to the ittybitty hometown all class reunion - dragging my feet and pouting about it the entire way. well, wouldn't ya know, i had an absolutely fabulous time! i really enjoyed connecting with the old classmates, crushes, and most of all, friends.

the ittybitty hometown weekly newspaper there runs a photo of "where people are reading the hometowner"
this little section includes a photo of people and/or person reading the hometowner in various places from around the world. my cousin is big on this and whenever we are with them, she ALWAYS has a hometowner with her for the photo op - which she then submits. needless to say, we have been in several of these over the years.

i decided to do something a little mischievous because, as i was growing up, that was what i did ... "how much can i get away with without getting caught?"

i decided it would be fun to climb the fence at the municipal pool after hours and get a photo of a bunch of alumni reading the hometowner and submit it. to make a long story short, there was much orchestrating and fast talking - but in the end i GOT THE PHOTO.

we got to the pool around 11:00 pm and several of us went over the fence - then we saw a car pull up. lo and behold it was a cop car. the cop said he had heard about what we were up to and then asked those that had not yet gone over the fence if they would like to go in the front door - as he had a key.
well, hell yes!

i asked the cop who he was, as i knew he was an import, he said, "i'm kim _____, CHIEF OF POLICE!"

oh... great.

so, we look around for a good place to take the photo and then realize that everyone there wants to be in the photo.

i have no choice, i ask the chief if he would be so kind as to take the photo - he said "sure!" we all got positioned, the chief VERIFIED that it was indeed the "hometowner" that we were holding, and then proceeded to take photo after photo until we got one we all liked.

here's the end result - the clock on the wall is at 11:22 - perfect!

i love being naughty - i guess that never changes with age, eh?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the emptiness of it all

so this incompetent president uses his bully-technique (which btw can no longer be used in schools, yet bam-bam, once again, pulls his "do as i say, not as i do") to shakedown bp for $20 billion - like the money is the biggest issue here? I thought plugging the hole was the biggest issue, first and foremost.

bp is well aware that they are going to be socked to high heaven with lawsuits - perhaps to the point of bankruptcy - and don't forget 40% of those shareholders are AMERICANS - moms & pops, employees, etc., invested for their retirements and pensions. so, it would be wise not get to far down bp's throat.

if anyone thinks that the $20 billion shakedown by this unqualified president is going to do anything to stop the oil leak, they are nuts. he's just making his l'il nest egg to abuse his power even more - and we will probably see much of these monies used/abused or the november elections - which have nothing to do with the oil leak.

if anyone thinks that the people of the gulf coast that are suffering from this disaster, will see one thin dime of that $20 billion, they had better do some homework. chances are pr'E good that they will NEVER see a dime of that money and IF they do, it will probably not be until the year 2013 or 2014. those that are damaged and broken because of this oil spill will have to go through all the fucking federal red tape at their own expense to recover a pittance amount, if any, of the $20 billion.

but dear ol' bam-bam - all he has to do is pull one of his thug bully tantrums and stomp his feet to bypass federal law. i'll betcha that will not work for the folks that are suffering from the effects of the disaster and who are the ones that really need it.


""We'll decide who will get paid," he promised, saying "we're going to get them paid immediately. [...] A matter of days." really? "a matter of days" ??? hmm, i wonder what "days" actually means to a pay czar -- maybe the correct spelling should have been "daze."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a semi-busy time

ah summer. gotta love it out here in hillbilly country ... the torrential rains, the ever-constant tornado watches and warnings, the invincible grubs that eat anything with a root, and, oh yes, the friggin' moles with the steady plowing of dirt to get to the grubs. such is life in the ozarks.

i was back in arkansas last weekend at the capt'n and shar's. we did a garage sale. i'm thinking it will probably be the last one we will do there. even with great signs, we just did not get the traffic - which was actually kinda nice, cuz i got to spend even more 'un-demanded' time with them.

it seems when shar and i get together we manage to come up with something else to do in the future. i told her that on my last gambling excursion with my friend from high school, i managed to throw enuf in the machines to warrant a free night's stay in the hotel. well, shar just so happened to also have some free nights. so we booked ourselves for the 20th. yes, father's day.
hence, my gift to the malemate is, he will get the bed at the house to himself that night - cuz i'm going for a night at the casino ... happy father's day malemate! kisskiss

once again, i am going through 'glasses fiasco' this year. i ordered new specs a couple months ago. they came in and the lenses were too big for this pinhead of mine. so they ground them down. well, they were still too big. so, we are now about 9 weeks since first ordering and monday they tell me that i have to start all over with the selection process. this may not seem like a big deal, but they have 3,000 frames in there - so yeh, it is a big deal.
an hour and a half later, i had made my decision and of course i want them done by monday so i can pick them up on my way home from the casino, so i will have them in time for the trip to iowa the following weekend.

pushybitchRme ... and just a tad proud of it.

yeh, it's back to the ittybitty hometown in iowa on the 24th. i have not been there since september 2009. it is the all-alumni reunion, which has been done every 5 years since 1985. to say i am dreading spending time with so many from the past, is putting it mildly. i fear what incident may come up. i plan to spend a few hours with the classmates and then most of the time will be spent with family and ... avoiding/hiding/whatever. i knew this event was coming up and thought i was going to get out of it - but then things changed and obligations took over. so, hopefully "the incident" will not come up and all will go well.

another friend got me started on the dirty martinis, once again. seems the scotch and i are having a bit of a migraine problem - well i am having the problem - the scotch could care less.
so, i'm sipping a dirty martini garnished with a blue cheese stuffed olive. sounds tasty, eh?
trust me, it is.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

pole dance

i ran across this and could not believe it - i had never seen anything like it - gives a whole new meaning to pole dancing

the stamina,
the balance,
the strength,
and most of all ... the grace

Saturday, May 15, 2010

tell us how you really feel gov. christie

one can only hope this guy does not fall into the politicians web of corruption like so many have ... and will:

n.j. gov. christie -

p.s. thanks jock for the embed tip - it actually worked for me! xoxo

Monday, May 10, 2010

big mouth, but little ears

earbuds are a problem for those of us with small ears. i have probably bought 8 different ones in the past 2 years trying to find something that will stay in my ear and then to stay in my ear without hurting.

i read reviews on the westone 1, the klipsch, along with several other brands and then decided to give the folks at earphonesolutions.com a call. i told the gal that my main issue is that the earbuds always fall out and that i had it narrowed down to the two different brands. she said the westone 1 is much more comfortable and that they come with more ear tips so there is more to work with to find the best fit for the best sound.

i went with the westone1 - and they have free shipping.

oh, about the sony walkman - i think that will be returned. i'm still debating it. it has no way to bookmark an audiobook. so, if i listen to a book for awhile, then switch over to a podcast or music, when i go back to the book, it starts all over from the beginning - unlike my little sansa clip which holds it's place on any category . this is a big disappointment for me, as i listen to alot of audiobooks and podcasts and am bouncing back and forth between the two frequently.

bummer to sony.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

will you want to greet me?

dear mom,

i know it's too late to say i'm sorry.

i wonder if our souls will be at all attracted to each other when (if) i am blessed to make it to the other side.

if you do not come to me, i will understand, and i certainly would not blame you.

i think of you often with love ... but more so, with regret.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

they come in all sizes

yesterday on the morning walk, i ran into another fellow walker. i saw he had a headset on and asked if he was listening to an mp3 player or a radio.

he said, "yeh, i just have a little one."

well, honestly, i figured as much, but most men don't talk about it

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

perks of my colonoscopy

yesterday i did the dreaded colonscopy. actually, the day before (the prep day) was muchMuchMUCH worse than the scope itself.
bottomline, doc found and removed one polyp, but believes it to be benign, hence, all seems to be fine at this point.

however, there was one HUGE "stroke me" during this experience which made my day, week, year, etc.

as i was rolled into the procedure room where there were 2 female nurses, the one towards the foot of the bed glanced at me and then at the screen, which was also at the foot of the bed.

as she was looking at the screen, she asked me how old i was, and then turned her glance back to me. i told her 55. she looked back at the screen, and said, "well, i saw that on the screen here, but thought there was an error. i have to tell you, you do not look your stated age at all."
i asked, "why? do i look 60?"
she said, "not at all, i thought you were much younger, that is why i was inquiring. i thought they had the birth year wrong."

yeh, i think i have a new best friend. too bad i was knocked out right after that and never did get her name.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

wow! buy of the day

i've been watching some of the mp3 players as the one i have now is 8gb - and i really like it (sansa clip), but i wanted something bigger. also, the little sansa clip does have a tendency to lose it's brains occasionally, and hence has to be reformatted - so everything has to be reloaded.

so i checked out various 16gb and 32gb ones and found this 16gb sony for 69 bux.


good lord, if i don't get some work here soon, i'm sure i'll have netshopped til my fingers dropped.

Monday, April 26, 2010

what am i missing here?

twice in the past month i have heard this justin bieber sing on two different shows.
prior to this i had never heard of him and have done no research on the kid.

i have to wonder who this kid is related to, or who he is bonking.

i do not profess to be an expert by any means, but c'mon - surely i am not the only one that realizes that this kid cannot carry a tune?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

flush NO paper

this past weekend, we went into a little cafe along the lake to get some lunch.

i went in the restroom to pee and wash my hands.

there were three signs posted in this ittybitty potty that said:


manOman! am i ever glad i didn't have to poop!

the bambam regime

watch and heed ... before it is scrubbed off youtube

CommieTunes - OBAMA's END GAME REVEALED - Obama Socialist / Communist / Marxist / Maoist


Monday, April 12, 2010

abortions under obamacare

i wonder if there will be long waiting lines for abortions under obamacare.

if the wait is too long to get an abortion, chances are ... the baby will be born.

wouldn't that alone put abortions back into the hands of the desperate mothers?
remember the horror stories of the metal coat hangers in the seedy hotel rooms?

i wonder if abortion on demand will end up being a do-i
t-yourself murder once again?

they will ban metal coat hangers next.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

insightful book

i am not one to read books that don't include murder mysteries and i seldom re-read a book ... but, i just finished listening to liberty and tyranny by mark r. levin.

this is a book that i will listen to again. this book was written before bam-bam took office - and so far, he is spot on for bam-bam's silent takeover.

healthcare has been taken over by the government, which will allow them to decide who gets healthcare and what kind in 2013 and, more importantly, who will not.

they took over 2 car industries in the USA, which we can now refer to s 'government motors'. before long they will decide for us what cars we can drive.

they have had the education system for years - why do you think so many people have opted for home schooling? because the kids coming out of the public schools seldom know the history of the government - much less how it works.

they took over the student loan industry - and make no mistake about it - they took that over so they can decide what field young people can and cannot go into - why else would they remove that from the private sector?

they worked the home lending industry to the point where they took over some of the largest banks. thankfully, they did not get all of them ... yet.

and yet they will not put troops on our borders to protect the US citizens - which is one of the main functions of the government -- protect our borders.

this regime is the most radical and destructive of my time. they are trying to cram as much implosion-type legislation through as possible before november - and this is just a sampling of what is coming.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

w. sykes?

this is still funny.

listen to [wanda sykes?]
volunteering for a conjugal visit


linked cuz i don't have a clue how to embed here - sorry.

remembering mom

i picked up a couple very thin, fine, vintage crystal glasses at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. tonight i made myself a salty dog - yes cap'n max, if you are reading this - a vodka based cocktail. unfortunately, my trusted scotchies have been giving me such terrible migraines as of late that i had to make a switch. hopefully, this is a temporary change.

today i was thinking about birthdays - i'm not sure why. i only know one person who's birthday is april 1st - and he is from waaaaaaay back. he may have experienced deathday for all i know.

i remember growing up, on our birthdays, mom made angel food cake. i'm not sure why cuz my favorite desert is vanilla pudding from scratch, dad's is mom's chocolate cake, older brother's is cherry pie, and the younger brother's is cutout cookies. so, why she ALWAYS made angel food cake eludes me. then when the her granddaughters came along, she ALWAYS made angel food cake for their birthdays.

she made these from scratch with the what? 12-14 egg whites?
very few cake mixes were ever used in the old homestead.

i have concluded that, clearly, it did not matter what the birthday person liked, she just liked the challenge of making a non-falling, perfect, angel food cake from scratch - topped with boiled fluffy frosting.

and they were perfect. and never was her angel food cake pan used for anything but her angel food cakes.

needless to say, i will always associate angel food cake with my mom.