Wednesday, October 27, 2010

here i come spoof!

i finally got the phone jailbroken.

the first thing i did was head to cydia and search the 'spoof' app.

if it works correctly, i should be able to put any phone number as my caller i.d. to 'spoof' the recipient of my call into thinking it is someone else calling.

have i mentioned how much i despise women who play their kids against the other parent, and/or grandparents. well, the deceased son managed to impregnate just that type of insecure, manipulative, control-freak wench.

ever since the malemate got back from california in june, this wench has managed to only let him to talk to his grandson twice. we only have a cell number for her and she screens all messages, texts, and calls and so the malemate seldom gets to talk to his grandson.

i'm thinking the malemate may need to use the spoof app when he gets tired of her wrangling stunts.

last i knew, the wench had a pretty good relationship with the other grannie. i think i'll put the other grannie's phone number in when the time comes.


terri said...


That app is bound to wreak some havoc!


ColleenQ said...

Ah, the enjoyment I could've gotten out of this app a few years ago...

CausedByKarma said...

surprisingly, i sent a photo of the malemate in his "day costume" to her phone the other day, and she and the grandson both responded (from the same phone). apparently, she did not realize that i kept the old number and malemate got the new number. however, when i sent a photo of both of us in halloween party costumes, i got no response. oh well, she's still a wench - she'll always be a wench- we only pray that the manipulative ways do not instill into the grandson. Ha! what's the chances of the happening - ZILCH

justjock said...

sometimes you (actually, all women) scare me.

suzy said...

jock, that's coz you don't understnd rule #1 of the just suspect it...when you accept it, you will feel a wary calm fall over you.

Rule #1--
Bitches is CRAYZEE.

hey, bren...where are ya, darlin???

justjock said...

suzy: are you saying that resistance is futile? hahahaha.