Tuesday, December 7, 2010

syn "incense"

the malemate and i did a li'l shopping yesterday. i needed some screens and wanted a water pipe. we went to our local vendor and while inquiring about the pipes, another couple was discussing 'blends' at the other counter. i asked the clerk what they were talking about. she said it was the synthetic pot products - sold as incense.

needless to say, the malemate and i were very curious about this, as i had heard about it for the first time a bout a year ago, right before one type was banned (k12 ???) here in misery.and several other states. apparently, the manufacturers of this stuff have discovered that even without the 'banned' chemicals, the incense still gets ya high when ya smoke it.

this k2?? stuff is sold as an incense and specifically states that it is not for human consumption or smoking - but somewhere along the line, someone did smoke it and found that it can give a cannibis-like high.

we did the syn incense called "ripped" - and i can safely say that 3-4 tokes is waaaaaaay too much. we were laughing so hard that our innards hurt for quite awhile - which is always a good thing. but then, when we got quiet, the malemate thought he was dying - so that was not such a good thing. i'm thinking the malemate may not try it again.

i wondered where they found the test market for this discovery. then, after the malemate and i toked, it dawned on us ... OH SHIT! MAYBE WE ARE THE TEST BED!

unlike el natur'al pot, i have a slight sense of hangover with it. strange stuff, indeed.

this weekend we go to the OK! cuzins - i'm debating whether to take it along. the one cuzin is 73. hmmmmm, i think we will not open that door as he is a bit of a hypochondriac to start with. i can't imagine what a long, drawn-out, wah-wah weekend it may turn out to be if he gets a panic high.


The artist formerly known as Hopelessly Aporetic said...

Funny how the same folks that freaked out over paraquat back in the 80s, are now willing to smoke these 100% chemical concoctions. I think I'll stick with the stuff I can get at the dispensary.

CausedByKarma said...

oh yeh! that is so true, ironic, hypocritical, eh?

i figure i'm old, i'm not going to reproduce, i never did anything worse than cocaine when i was younger (well, not that i knew of), and i've basically got no people if the malemate departs, so wtf? might as well.

the natural medical stuff has not been legalized here or in arkansas yet so the dispensary is not an option for us yet. but, manOman! that medical stuff is the ultimate, eh?

are you still blogging anywhere? i don't have you on my feeds.

the mouse said...

i am not qualified to discuss the pros/cons of legalization but I AM sittin here gigglin my ass off at the thought of the 73 yr old tokin. I dunno why..just strikes me funny. :)

ColleenQ said...

I actually heard on the news that people/kids were overdosing on nutmeg, out of the spice cabinet.

Yep, I'll stick with the grey goose - it keeps my bladder young.