me 101 ... and more

Originally published 2005/04/28
Modified 2012/03

1. I love thunder storms – the closer the better
2. I married my first love/lover - albeit 21 years later.
3. I have no tolerance for lying
4. I have a very difficult time understanding people that communicate in that "gray area." i am a yes/no, black/white personality
5. I took my first (after marriage) 'solo' vaca in 2005 - a 50th birthday present from the malemate
6. I went to Alaska for 2 weeks ... I lovedLovedLOVED it!
7. I was the favorite daughter — er the only daughter
8. I have no children of my own
9. After the age of 50, I started to regret that decision, and do so to this day
10. I had 2 step-grandchildren - the stepson is now dead, he was 30
11. I have a very untrusting feeling toward the step-daughter
12. The feeling is mutual
13. I have lived in 7 states, 20 different residences
14. My parents lived in the same ittybitty hometown for over 70 years - clearly they were much more grounded than I
15. I truly enjoy a blended scotch & soda w/ lemon, but generally drink it on the rocks or with water
16. I vape now, because smoking is just so 20th century ;-)
17. I don’t do yard work
18. My favorite color is any shade of white
19. I still have very close relationships with the gals I went to school with since the 8th grade
20. I’ve been married 4 times - twice to the same man
21. I was on probation 3 times before the age of 16
22. I have broken 9 of the 10 commandments
23. I have never coveted another man’s wife, nor have I wanted to have sex with any female
24. In part of my teens & 20's, I only dated married men
25. My favorite age was 36
26. I looked my best at that age
27. I always thought my older years would be spent with my first husband ... but he died
28. He was one of my three loves
29. The three loves of my life all have/had the same birthday
30. I have 3 nieces, one that I have become very close to and I am proud to be her aunt
31. I shirret rugs
32. The day I moved from Omaha, NE, to California, the wind chill was -50, I swore I’d never be that cold again
33. I’ve been able to keep that promise to myself ... so far
34. I am Aquarius
35. I enjoy a good psychic
36. I had a cyber sweetie for four years.
37. The cyber sweetie, his wife, the malemate, and I met in real life and took many vacations together
38. The malemate never knew that he was my cyber sweetie
39. I never even kissed the cyber sweetie when we were together in real life
40. I cheated on my 2nd husband
41. I never loved my 2nd husband
51. I am pro-choice ...
52. ... but I believe abortion is 1st degree murder
53. My favorite pie is rhubarb – not rhubarb strawberry — just rhubarb
54. I was a ‘non-traditional’ student in college – the old one
55. I graduated #2
56. One of the instructors sexually harassed me and I turned him in
57. I want the song Hymne by Vangelis played at my memorial IF there is a memorial
58. I am conservative – but twice considered voting democrat
59. I hope I die before I’m old and broken
60. The house I live in now is much smaller than the one in California
61. I hate the house that I live in now
62. I have a lifelong friend, and she is the first person I recall meeting in my life that was near my age.
63. She is my cousin. I was 5, she was 4
67. I was born in Iowa
68. We lived on a farm til i was 5 years old
69. I love my intuition
70. Sometimes I ignore it ... to my demise
71. I am afraid of horses
72. I am afraid of motorcycles
73. I will be cremated
74. I have a fear of flying over the ocean
75. I want my ashes dropped over the Pacific
76. I would love to see Greece – but because of #74, I never will
77. I cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner
78. Sometimes I cry when I THINK about the Star Spangled Banner
79. I miss ball room dancing every weekend
80. And the wardrobe that went with that
81. I hate the word belly – it’s just an ugly word – but naval dance sounds so stupid doncha think?
82. I went to college so I could get a real job so that I could hire someone to clean my house
83. I have never hired anyone to clean my house
84. I miss the living in the Mojave Desert
85. I bore easily
86. I am amazed at how the computer has changed our lives
87. I am saddened that I will not see the day where traveling on tires is no longer the norm
88. I have slept with many
89. I have loved few
90. I have crocheted since I was 12
91. I am a gadget and techie type person
92. I don’t like to talk on the phone
93. I flunked physical education in the 9th grade
94. My malemate was married when I first loved him, I was 16, he 23
95. The malemate really fucked us up in 2006
96. I have never really forgiven him and probably never will - he is unaware of this
97. My first car was a 1972 bright green Karman Ghia
98. I once had a tooth with a gold crown and a diamond in it
99. I remember 2 dreams I had when I was 4, one was about an invisible man in the closet, one was sexual
100. I know this blog is not 'incognito,' and today I don't really care
101. However, I reserve the right to modify this, should it ever matter again

Some odds and ends

102. I drink coffee ... black, no sugar
103. Iced tea in the summer, no sweet tea
104. My hair has only been long twice in my life, when i was 3 and when i was 12
105. I have my hair from the first haircut ... it was in my mom's stuff
106. The only two guys from my ittybitty hometown that i have have had sex were at my dad's viewing - one was without his wife (strange)
107. The other one i am married to

To be continued ... (maybe)