Monday, March 14, 2011

not so hot springs

tomorrow the malemate and i are taking a li'l trip to hot springs, arkansas. his 2 younger brothers are twins and they are going to be meeting up there and asked if we would come also.

i've been to hot springs one other time. we were there with the ok! cousins and had a really good time. we did the tourist stuff and as always, just enjoyed being with them.

this should be interesting this time (and i can only hope it will be FUN), as his one brother AND his wife are both ministers and the other one and his wife are both very much into their organized religion.

well, i'm just not sure what the entertainment is going to be - as we all know, i drink, gamble, and now vape (as opposed to smoke).
i'm guessing a sports bar for happy hour is out of the question.
the horse track (if they are running) is probably off limits.
doing the bath houses where, yes, you have to get naked to enjoy the natural hot springs, is probably on the no-no list.

i'm bringing a deck of cards along and maybe we can play some "oh hell" which we always play for a $1.00 a game.

i wonder if they would consider $1.00 for 17 hands as gambling?
obviously, we only play for fun, but it does cost a dollar per game -- not per hand.

oh, for crissakes, even jesus took a gamble on me ... oh and btw, god, thank you!


Laoch of Chicago said...

One loves Oaklawn Park!

justjock said...

if it gets too holy and stifling, call me. I'll talk dirty to you. or vice versa.

causedbykarma said...

laoch: we were right there - but i have no interest in the ponies. now if it were a dog track it might draw me in. but we did see the 1st ever 8th annual shortest st. patrick's day parade -- 98 feet. it was a hoot.

jock: damn! i wish i would have read this BEFORE i left! ohbabyOhBabyOHBABY!

ColleenQ said...

Brenda: our town St. Patrick Day parade is officially the smallest - one person! Shameful that I had to pick up the slack and drink all the beer in town!

Anonymous said...

Close, but no cigar. Care for a Lewinsky,instead?How was your stay at the not so hot Watergate Motor Court Inn...

causedbykarma said...

Colleen - hey! someone HAS to do it and obviously they know who has the beer-drinking skills!

anon - ?