Wednesday, June 12, 2013

wowOwow! where has the time gone?

i have not been 'round these parts' in ages. it seems the time 'tween visits is getting wider and wider. *sigh*

manOman! we used to have so friggin much fun with this bloggin' stuff when Spaces first started. i remember lurking for a quite a spell, cuz i had no idea what would happen if i actually posted a comment to one of these cyberstranger's blogs. then dear jockfullofnuts posted a blog about all his great *buys* he got at the dollar tree??? i laughed so hard while reading it that i could not help myself and i just HAD to comment. that post made me feel so happy inside and it made him real ... not just words on a screen. the blogs almost became my entire social life. i could not wait to get to the puter in the mornings just to see what i had missed the night before. good times indeed.

now, i mostly hang out on ecig/vaping forums. i'm over 2 years smoke-free and have almost replaced my "junque" addiction with a vape gear addiction, although i have slowed down on the vape gear purchasing considerably.

i still hit the thrift stores occasionally, but now i am generally focused on buying silk clothing to cut up for shirret rugs. the silk rugs take a helluva lot longer to make than the wool, but hey! it's good idiot work and they are pr'E trash art when finished. i s'pose i should call them 'repurposed art' - y'know to attempt to fit in with that *green* crowed.  haHaHA!   this, from a person that does not even recycle.

i'm actually working on a silk shirret jacket at the moment. it's taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r., but it was 97 degrees here yesterday, so it's not like i need to be in any hurry to finish it. :-/

that's all for now. i just wanted to give the government some of my useless text to take up space on their servers in their not-so-super-secret-anymore data vault.  ;-D 

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Laoch of Chicago said...

The data vault is always open.