Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and yet another phone

i've had the iphone for a few months now and i'm not as fond of it as i thought i would be. sooooo, the search is still on for the perfect cell phone.

i bought a blackberry off craigslist the other day. right off the bat, i was pleased with the size and weight of it compared to the iphone. it just seems to feel better in my hand. i also kinda like the idea of buttons as opposed complete touchscreen.

however, i must make a mental note to myself to always clear history before selling a phone.

apparently the gal i bought it from is not very techno-savvy as she and someone had real good time with the texting function.
this phone had so much sexting on it, i thought i was going to have dig out bob!

sure glad i did the alcohol rubdown before getting into the nitty-gritty of it.


terri said...

I don't know whether to giggle or shudder!!! How funny is that? Yes - always clear the history.

I have to go back to a phone with buttons and am thrilled to see the new Droid has them. My electrifying personality shuts my phone down whenever I am upset and REALLY need to call someone.

BTW - I had to think about who bob was. All in all, I think that is a good sign. :)

CausedByKarma said...

terri - you are going to LOVE the android software. there are so many more free apps for android than the iphone - and you don't have to jailbreak it to get to the good ones.