Thursday, May 12, 2011

huff and puff and blow your house down

first off ...
what the hell is blogspot doing by asking me to add my phone number to my account right after i log in?
is this so they can pass it on to the president for his "alert" texts? 

yeh, we all know they will get it sooner or later.
i was hoping it would be after i was on 'the other side.'
sometimes technology moves too friggin fast.

moving on ...

i live in/near the line often referred to as tornado alley.
some days i wonder what it would be like to have all this blown to bits by some massive tornado. 
because then i would be forced to find a new place to live.

however, today is not one of those days.


the mouse at the lilac house said...

sometimes, blessings Do come disguised as disaster, eh?

I have become quite 'anit-social network'. When Brittney or Twitney or whatever the blond bimbo behind the cash register is called asks for my zip, tel #---my answer is NO. I'm sick of the 'feds' knowing when I fart.

justjock said...

I'm assuming all is ok on the tornado front.

blogspot has yet to ask for my number, but if they do, they will not get it. that will be the day I quit blogging.

justjock said...

fyi: this month has sucked. i feel like my hole has a bucket in it.

mouse said...

um, jock...tmi, dearie!

where IS this woman?? what is karma doing to her??

Anonymous said...

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