Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the thrill is gone

i was so excited about getting an iphone. i had already told myself i was going to jailbreak it, cuz i wanted access to non-itunes apps.

sooooo, just be on the safe side, i decided to back everything up (using itunes) just in case i did something wrong and lost all my contacts on the phone after the jailbreak.

i opened itunes, plugged in the phone and a message pops up that i should update my iphone to 4.1. well, i'm new to the iphone stuff and thought, 'oh yes, i most certainly should' and clicked the button. the update occurred.

so, here i am with a 3g 4.1 firmware iphone only to find out that there is no windows jailbreak software for that version of firmware - and that i never should have updated - and there is not a way to 'downgrade' the firmware.

so, i wait and wait for the iphonedev-team to develop the windows version of the jailbreak software.

damn, i wish i would've just stayed with the backflip with android software.

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