Wednesday, September 22, 2010

usps consumer affairs

well yay for the usps consumer affairs! i had filed a complaint back in june regarding a package that i shipped to my dad. i had not heard anything back and assumed the complaint went into the trash.

this morning i get a call from a charles - usps consumer affairs - one level below the usps investigator. charles asked me about my complaint and i told him the details of it - how i had paid priority and tracking to ensure that the package would be delivered to my dad in the care center in a timely manner. the tracking showed it had been delivered, but every time i asked dad if he got it, for about it for 2-3 weeks, he said he never got it. keeping in mind that i had addressed it with the care center address and not dad's pobox.

finally, i called my brother - and sure enough, the post office took it upon themselves and delivered it to dad's pobox - even though that address was not even on the package. i was livid - to say the least. off to the computer i went to file a complaint.

charles of consumer affairs could not have been nicer, or more polite, or more humane. he listened to my vent and agreed that the post office was wrong. he assured me he would be calling the post master back and 'plant a bug' in his ear regarding his job when it comes to mail delivery.

about an hour later, i got another call back from charles. he stated that he had talked to the postmaster and that he is confident that it will not happen again. i told him that i may send a 'test' package - charles encouraged it and then gave me his personal number should i have any other problems.

we then went on to talk about books of all things! charles likes murder mysteries too and he lives in kansas city, and he served in the army in hawaii. oh yes, we had a very informative chat.

i think charles likes me :-)

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