Sunday, September 19, 2010

they really break?

i was having internet problems the other day - and of course it is never anything on my end. so, i call the provider and bitch&moan. the gal (who sounded USA born & raised btw - {{{shock}}} walked me through a few steps and it was clear she had about as much patience for me as i had for her. in the end, she called it - it was the router.

i didn't think many of these electronic things ever actually broke - one gets bored with them or they lose their purpose as new technology replaces older ones - but to actually break? well, unless it is a cell phone that gets dropped in the toilet or is taken for a dip in the river, or some other irresponsible act - but to break when it seldom ever gets touched? how does that happen?

i'm now on a linksys e3000. the hardest part of setting it up was plugging the power cord in - which is a behind the desk, pinned between the wall and desk, and on the floor - well, that and sitting and waiting for the software to install.

as you can see though, i am back in business! yay me!

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