Thursday, March 8, 2012

where's this going?

i've been kinda naughty lately. i have a secret, but, it's starting to feel like a volcano that wants to spew its molten ash over my brain.

fuck! if i could just think straight, i could put it out here and maybe it would dissipate. but, the thoughts are like a word jumble puzzle.

i'll have to come back to this. i just can't do it right now. i will say that i have been emailing with someone for three months. 

i think i may be heading down a path where i should not be ...


jockfullonuts said...

been there. done that. never was I happier...until I was unhappier than ever. yeah, it's a mind-fuck.

Wiz's Wench said...


glad to see you're still around...sorta. Yeah, what Jock said. After 7 years of wiz not shittin or gettin offa da pot, I pulled the plug myself. My heart is shattered and, fortunately, my dear hubby is patient and understanding but it still hurts like fuck-all.

Come update soon!

wiz's former wench

CausedByKarma said...

@jock - ha! i remember some of those times. yeh, it's a go-nowhere mind-fuck here. oddly, i'm okay with that. ya think it's an age thing?

@wench - wtf??? i don't understand. i best go check out your blog. i have been so guilty of not making the blogging rounds for the past couple years.