Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i need some mental magic

i went mushroom hunting/picking yesterday. i didn't get picked up until 4:30pm. to say i was about bouncing off the walls from anxiety most of the day would not be far from the truth. 

however, today is a completely different story. i woke about 1:30am, got up, and got on the net, and have pretty much been there ever since. it is now 2:00pm. i have not even dressed and have no plan to do so at this point. why bother? 

i think i may have lost my friends shar and the cap'n. she and i had a chat the other day regarding an absolute insane decision they are making. i told her that the 'bubbas' that they have hired, are basically gypsy's and sooner or later they will take over their lives. and will use that new 'grandbaby wanna-be' as their 'in'. it was probably uncalled for, but if you knew the entire ordeal/situation, and the fact that i am pretty acute when it comes to reading people, it would all make sense. 

the malemate and i will be going to the OK! cousins for the weekend. i generally look forward to that - but not so much this time.  i keep wondering if i should  tell him about the 'stranger' if that would  move me past all of this shit that i continue to bury myself in.

i bet that when i snap my fingers, i will magically come out of this funk.

okay, i have got to get serious about finding some work. this is ridiculous.


justjock said...

some people are just so touchy aren't they?

CausedByKarma said...

@jock - yes! i think it has more to do with not wanting to hear the truth. i can only hope i am wrong. but i have recently found out that there are 2 others that have the same concerns. i just don't think we can all be wrong.

kittycatlane said...

Are those Morels? Hope I spelled that right!
Bren I don't think you should ever be sorry for being honest with a friend. Especially when it could turn out so bad. You did what you could, now it's up to them. I think your right though if more than one person sees this as you do then Shar will hopefully listen...